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Pirate Raid - Character Animations and Unity C# Programming

These characters were designed and created during my fourth semester of Multimedia Art. As a newly found group of four, we had about three weeks to create a 2D Unity game from the ground up. I worked on all characters and dynamic objects, like bombs, and picked up and programmed most player and enemy behaviours, and according systems like spawners in C#. Backgrounds, environment tiles, and high-rez UI (as seen in my character sheets) were created by the talented Magdalena Ammer, while Gabriel Budan and Lorenz Leithäuser primarily coded.
All in all, this quick project was a blast, and the final game did not turn out half bad, if I may say so ;)

Final game supercut.

Most Pirate/player animations; nicely quirky - a lot of fun, coming up with new characteristics!

Octopus enemy animations: a mid to long range character, throwing bombs at the player.
Additionally, gold, as dropped by defeated enemies or found in the level.

Swordfish and Sea Urchin enemies, aggressive close range brawlers.